S A T E M :: T H E  N E W  C H E S S

Quotations of the old world champions

(Berlin 09.12.2016) - “The old game of chess will be doomed. Chess as it is now, will die of remises. The victory of knowledge and mechanics, which is unavoidable, will be the death of the game. New rules will have to be found, possibly the starting setup will have to be changed and the nuances of the winner and loser will have to be enlarged, to present new difficulties and new secrets. One cannot let the old game die.”
(Quotation: E. Lasker - Source: The Chessgenie Capablanca)


Satemchess 2.0 :: Chess in a new dimension

(Wuppertal 07.02.2017) - SATEMCHESS has been developped by Volker Bruns with a team of Chess players, Marketing and Design specialists in the first version. As a result and from the experience of some hundreds of played games, refined rules and extensions, we shall present in Spring 2017 a final version of this new chess game. “The basic idea of the first version will be followed to 90 %, only the reduction on empiric Know How represents the final addition.” Says Volker Bruns, music teacher and passionate chess player from Wülfrath, NRW (Germany), who has invented the new variation. The cardinal, an extension of the Bishop and the additional movement of the Knight will add new tension to the old game. “SATEMCHESS is an amendment of the classical chess with 100 squares and an additional figure and unaltered fascination.”