S A T E M :: T H E  N E W  C H E S S


The chess board of Satem Chess comprises 100 squares (10x10). On the back is the classical game with 64 squares (8x8). Both playing fields have an algebra notation (coordination system a1-j10/a1-h8). Size of the playing field: 580 x 580 mm. Size of single square: 50 mm. Thickness: 13 mm, weight: ard. 2,5 kos. The board will be produced from a high quality veneer: Mahogany/Sycomoro. It fulfills competition standards.

The pieces will be produced in Staunton-form from wood (brown/natur). The cardinals and Knights are hand made. The King has a height of 90 mm (competition approved), the Cardinal 73 mm. All pieces have lead weight and felt bases.

Each chess game comprises the following: 40 figures, 20 Pawns, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 4 Rooks, 4 Cardinals, 2 Queens, 2 Kings.

The game will be delivered in a wooden case with burned “Satem” Logo and the rules in a DIN 5 booklet.

The Cardinal a new figure

The Cardinal is an extension of the Bishop with the characteristics of the Rook. The Cardinal may move unlimited in a diagonal direction. He may not jump over any figure. After the diagonal move he has to go to on the next square horizontally or vertically (Rook move). These two movements comprise one move of the Cardinal. Thus the Cardinal changes the square color with every move. The name Cardinal is based on the Latin cardinalis (important, special). Normally bishops become cardinals. Thus it is logic to name a figure which has more possibilities as the Bishop Cardinal.