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SATEM 2.0 :: Chess in a new dimension

100 squares and an additional figure: Extension of the classical chess game with new rules.

SATEMCHESS has been developped by Volker Bruns with a team of Chess players, Marketing and Design specialists in the first version. As a result and from the experience of some hundreds of played games, refined rules and extensions, we shall present in Spring 2017 a final version of this new chess game. “The basic idea of the first version will be followed to 90 %, only the reduction on empiric Know How represents the final addition.” Says Volker Bruns, music teacher and passionate chess player from Wülfrath, NRW (Germany), who has invented the new variation.

The cardinal, an extension of the Bishop and the additional movement of the Knight will add new tension to the old game. “SATEMCHESS is an amendment of the classical chess with 100 squares and an additional figure and unaltered fascination.”

The figure of the Cardinal is an extension of the Bishop with the characteristics of the Rook. The Cardinal can go long ways, but has to end each diagonal move with a draw by one square vertically or horizontally. The rule of the old game applies, that the figures are opposite each other in the starting position. We will explain the movement possibilities of all figures, of the new figure as well as the altered movement rules of the Pawns, Knights, Castling, En Passant.

The chess we know has to be extended in a logic way. Symmetry and proportion also play an important role in the new SATEMCHESS. The extension to 100 squares presents further room for strategic moves. The basic idea and the force of the game remain. “It is chess in a new dimension without touching the dignity of the game”.

The idea for SATEMCHESS arose, as the classic game of chess did not present any further surprises. “Due to the chess computers and the memorized moves, the tension went out of the game”, says Bruns. Even Chess experts like José Raul Capablanca, Emanuel Lasker or Bobby Fisher are experimenting with a reform of the game. “Satem” takes up the idea of the old masters and wants to give the chess players new challenge. The name SATEM means in Sanskrit hundred. This fits with the number of squares as well as with the idea of pursuing the classical chess idea.

The playing field comprises 100 squares (10x10). On the backside there is the normal chess with 64 squares (8x8). Both have an algrebraic notation. The size of the board is 580 x 580mm. Single square: 50 mm. It will be produced from a special inlay of Mahogany/Sycomore. It meets the championship requirements.

The game figures- partly hand made – will be produced in Staunton form from wood (brown stained/nature). Each figure has a lead weight and a felt base. The King has a height of 90 mm (championship), Cardinal: 73 mm. The game will be delivered in a wooden case with burned “Satem” Logo as well as the rules (German and English DIN A 5 booklet)

We have produced only a small quantity of figures and boards for presentation and quality purposes. Thus we cannot accept binding orders. The first produced version shall be presented after a successful crowd funding campaign.

Further information to be found under www.satemchess.de
Contact: Volker Bruns: +49 (0)2058-72543 - Email:info@kultconcept.de